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Life Purpose Coaching

Discover your unique genius and your life’s purpose in a coaching session with Taryn Voget.


Do you know what your unique genius is?


Do you know what makes you special?


Are you doing what lights you up and makes your soul sing?



Do you wake up every day feeling excited about what you are creating in the world?


Would you like to?


Geniuses have an insatiable passion and they use this passion to catapult themselves forward in the world. This same passion lies deep within each of us, though many of us can't see it and don't know how to access it. 


But what if you could?


When we are able to tap into that inner fire and operate from a place of dangerous excitement, the world appears in high definition technicolor and the most magical things begin to happen. We create extraordinary things that change the world. We feel happiness and fulfillment like never before.


Spend a session with me and I will help you discover your unique genius - that special gift that you are meant to share with the world. I will also help you remove any blocks that may be getting in your way from achieving your ideal destiny.  



I have an uncanny knack for helping people discover their life’s purpose – the thing that would really make them deeply happy. And once I help someone discover what it is that would make their heart sing, I am able to help them clear away any blocks from achieving what they desire.


For 20 years I’ve searched the globe for the most powerful, effective, and rapid personal transformation tools available. I found them and am honored to bring all of those tools and techniques into our work together.  In our session to clear away any blocks, we may do:


  • powerful shamanic healing and emotional release work
  • rapid belief change work
  • goal-setting on steroids that really works, or
  • a variety of other techniques that will unlock your genius


You will leave feeling inspired and ready to shift your own world into high gear. You will leave knowing what makes you special.


Book a session today!

Sessions are generally 1.5 hours. I love working in person at my office in Sausalito, CA (just a few minutes north of San Francisco, CA). Sessions over the phone are equally powerful. The cost is $300 and is payable via PayPal or in person with a credit card or check. 

If you know someone who is wondering, "What should I do with my life?", please consider gifting them a session!



Contact me using the form below and I will call/email to schedule a time.




Option 2:

The Re-Genesis Program

Unleash your full potential and take a quantum leap forward in a new or existing business venture. 


Are you ready for something big and new in your life?



Are you ready to take your life into a totally inspired and exciting new direction?


Are you feeling like it’s time to live up to your full potential and share your gifts with the world in a bigger way?



Are you ready to create the deeply fulfilling and energized life you’ve always dreamed of?


Work closely with me one-on-one, and be amazed at how your life transforms in a matter of months. I work with a small number of individuals, over a six month period, who are ready to make a quantum leap and light up the world in a big way. Ideal candidates for this program are executives, entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, or others ready to tap into their full potential.


During our sessions together, we create a vision for your life that excites you like never before.  It could be a new career, a new or enhanced business or program, a project, a spiritual awakening, or the invention of something all together new!


Once we’ve tapped into your soul's calling, I help you make a quantum leap into the highest version of yourself and bring your new vision into reality.  We clear away any emotional obstacles in your path. We heighten and amplify your gifts. And we do everything needed to bring your vision into this world in a way that lights you up.  I bring over 20 years of experience in the following areas to transform your life and launch your venture:


  • high impact coaching
  • shamanic healing and emotional release work
  • business strategy and operations consulting
  • new business and entrepreneurial start-up coaching 
  • marketing consulting (including branding and design)
  • creativity consulting
  • strategies of genius on a wide array of topics to help you shortcut your learning curve
  • insights for a spiritual awakening and renewed sense of life, and
  • excitement and special sauce


This is no ordinary ‘coaching’ program. This is an opportunity to make a massive shift into the greatest version of you. It's a unique program that will take you and your enterprise, project or venture to a whole new level.




If you’ve been feeling stuck, tired, frustrated, or out of mojo, this program is for you.


If you’ve been wanting to start something new, but don’t know how to begin, this program is for you.


If you’ve been feeling like there is more to life but aren’t sure how to access it, this program is for you.


If you’ve been feeling like you are ready to re-invent yourself and would love some help, this program is for you.


If you want to take your existing business or project to a whole new level, this program is for you.


Get more information about this program.

If you are interested in the Re-Genesis Program, please contact me using the form below.

This is an extended coaching program with bi-weekly sessions over a six month period. We can discuss the program and cost in more detail.

Speaking & Workshops

Inspire your audience with a powerful and unique message (with Taryn Voget).



I travel the globe delivering high impact, memorable speeches.  I love sharing strategies of genius on a variety of topics and I love helping people discover and amplify their own inner genius.


As the founder of an innovative education company, author of six books on genius and long time strategy consultant for top companies in the world, I bring all of this wisdom and the fascinating stories and practical insights I've collected to audiences everywhere..


I love nothing more than to help people improve how they think and get things done. I share practical tools that people can use immediately to get extraordinary results.  I frequently speaks to large audiences and two things separates me from other speakers:


  • I am a businessperson, educator, researcher, author and visionary who loves to share ‘what works.’  I make speaking a priority and draw on my 20 years of experience working with the top companies and minds in the world. I am passionate about sharing my work on strategies of genius to help people and organizations achieve extraordinary results.
  • I customize each speech for the audience. I need a one face-to-face or telephone meeting before the event to make it a success. A good presentation requires understanding your business and customizing it to meet your business objectives.

These are some of my favorite topics and keynotes:

I do more than just entertain and delight with real world examples of Genius thinking. I teach audiences practical tools they can use immediately so that they too can get Genius results in their own lives.  Here are some of my favorite talks:

Discover Your Inner Genius: Discover the 3 elements of genius and how you can unlock and amplify your own inner genius.      

Be Better at Anything with These 5 Strategies of Genius: Up your game by applying the five common strategies of Genius to any area of your life or business.

Become a Creative Genius: Model the creative strategies of Walt Disney and other wildly inventive geniuses. CLICK HERE to download the full "Disney Creativity Training" brochure.

Model Your Top Talent: Understand how your best people achieve their success and build an entire organization of “Genius” performers.

Study Strategies of Straight A+ Student: Use the strategies of top students to learn anything more quickly and effectively.

How to Land Your Dream Job: Discover the step-by-step approach to landing the job you’ve always wanted.

Strategies of Marketing Genius: Get a glimpse into how the top minds in marketing generate innovate ideas that get huge results.

How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too):  Taryn, along with Kid Whisperer Heather Criswell, share simply genius parenting techniques that work.



I have spoken at and lead workshops for companies such as Genentech, Allergan, Gap, The Walt Disney Company, US Postal Service, BC Hydro and United Healthcare. I frequently talk to students and universities and has presented at UC Berkeley, Georgetown University, the Hult School of Business and more.  I also deliver keynotes for education, industry and corporate conferences such as The CMO Summit, the JumpStart Conference, the California Landscapers Association Annual Conference, and many more.


If you’d like to sprinkle some genius on your audience, contact me to discuss topics that would be a hit with your audience.


Contact / Book Taryn to Speak

Please contact me directly to discuss your speaking event. I can help you decide on the perfect topic for your audience.

Please contact me using the form below.


I frequently lead workshops and training sessions. On occasion I do some select consulting projects. If you would like me to work with your organization, contact me directly to discuss the opportunity.


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