Wholesale Orders

Turn your customers into geniuses.

When people see this product in your store, they'll pick it up and know that it's something special.  When your customers, students or employees buy these product from you, they will all be amazed with the results they get.  You will look smart for carrying genius products and you will soon have many more brilliant customers!

Email us today for our Wholesale Order Form. You will receive 40% off of list price.  There is a 10 unit minimum order quantity.Your customers will love you for spreading the Genius.



The perfect gift.

It's becoming harder and harder to find great gifts.  It seems everyone already has too much stuff.  Make it easy on your customers and encourage them to give the gift of knowledge that keeps on giving.  Entice your customers to give the gift of Genius.  Get your holiday order in now.  Create a whole new product, like a wine basket, that includes the Think like a Genius Wine Master product in it!


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