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Creating a world where genius thrives. 

The true definition of genius.

Here at the Everyday Genius Institute we've spent the past ten years researching genius, passion and heart. We've discovered that genius is not about IQ. It's about something far more profound.

Genius is not a noun. Genius is a verb.


Genius is the action of focusing the creative and infinite potential of the universe through our excitement. Put simply, when we do what lights us up, we create the environment for our genius to thrive and brilliant things to come through us.

Taryn Voget | Founder

An easy way to think of it is like this: picture a crystal prism focusing sunlight into a high powered beam that has the ability to set something on fire. Genius works the same way. We are the prism. When we do what excites us, we become the prism through which a vast amount of energy gets focused. That passionate focus is what allows us to do extraordinary things. That action aligns us with the energy of genius.


We all have so much more capacity for greatness than we realize. The ability to connect to our genius lives in each and every one of us.

Our mission.

Redesigning How We Work

We help people and organizations understand how to connect to the genius within and share their unique gifts with the world. 


Genius always exists inside the energy of passion and excitement. What if we redesigned our organizations and systems in a way that encourages people to discover and unleash their genius?


We inspire new ways of thinking about how to create environments in organizations (schools, businesses, politics, healthcare, etc.) that optimize for genius. 


Our missions is to create a world where everyone thrives and shines.

Who we work with.

What excites us? We get jazzed when we  partner with others to design new systems and organizations where genius thrives. We love designing new physical work spaces, organizational cultures, teams structures, recruiting and training practices, empowering environments, and more.

What gets us up in the morning is speaking to audiences all over the world about how to tap into and unleash everyone’s unique genius.

Working in the energy of team genius, we have the power to light up the world...together.

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