Cataloging the World's Great Minds

We are building a library of genius strategies.


What if you could learn how Elon Musk comes up with the next Big Idea or how Warren Buffett chooses the next wildly profitable investment?  What if you could learn the healing strategies of one of the world's most powerful healers or talk to kids like a genius pre-school teacher?


We are building the world's largest library of genius strategies, on every possible topic, and making this content available to you in a variety of ways. You can learn these strategies through our Think like a Genius book and DVD series, on our blog and through articles we've published. We are also working on an exciting Everyday Genius TV show. We plan to make these strategies of genius available to you in many formats delivered through many ways. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest Genius news.



We are cataloging the world's great minds so we can make the world an even greater place.


Through our powerful modeling process, we are able to step inside the minds of the most creative problem solvers. And then we can show you exactly what they are doing, step-by-step, to achieve their results.  When you can see how these Geniuses really think at the deepest level,  then you can copy their strategy and shave years off your own learning curve.  We believe that you will then be able to take it beyond where it is now and YOU will be the genius of the future. Our leading-edge modeling technique can be used anywhere and everywhere on any subject.


We believe that if we want a different world, we need to do things differently. We are passionate about deconstructing strategies of genius and sharing them so that people everywhere can accelerate their learning. Whether you are a psychologist, doctor, coach, athlete, business person, teacher, animal trainer, student, scientist, firefighter, lawyer, or anything in between, you will be able to learn the strategies of genius on these topics quickly and be able to take it beyond where it's been before.


Ultimately learning how geniuses think is about problem solving, creativity and the creation of excellence. We hope that by sharing strategies of genius, people will have the tools they need to create the big solutions to the world's biggest problems. And create whole new ways of contributing to the world. For example, by modeling the innovation strategies of genius inventors, our hope is that someone in the world will come up with the solution to eliminate pollution and make our planet healthier. Or by modeling how genius teachers inspire their students, a whole new wave of teachers will engage students in a way that will ignite the love of learning and passion to create new things in the world.  The chance to change the world is what drives us. And we are thrilled to share our work with you. Thank you for being a part of our vision.


Tell us about a genius you know.

We believe that Genius exists everywhere. If you have a Genius in your life, please tell us about him or her!  Go to our Contact page and send us an email with the name, contact information and a brief description about what makes this person a genius.  We will add this person to our database and get in touch soon!



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