How We Deconstruct Geniuses

How do we get inside the minds of geniuses? 


When people become really good at something, their mind is able to process information at lightening speed. To understand what's really going on inside someone's mind, we use a simple, yet sophisticated, behavioral modeling methodology. We get geniuses to slow their down their thought processes.  And then we unpack the steps they used to achieve such exceptional results.


Deconstruction methodology. 


When we deconstruct how geniuses think, we look at: 

  • Eye cues 
  • Body language 
  • Voice tonality 
  • Language patterns 
  • Words 


People are always communicating with eye movements, body language and voice tones that hold secrets to what is really going on inside their minds. By closely noticing what’s going on beyond the words, we are able to understand what people are doing to achieve their results. We also zero in on a person’s goals, how they know they’ve reached their goals, specific actions they take in specific contexts and what they do when something isn’t working in their process. By looking at someone’s goals as a starting point, we can understand a lot about how and why they are able to achieve exceptional results. Most people’s goals are subconscious even to them. What we do is dig deep to find what’s hidden beneath the surface, then shine a light on it.  



We look closely at human patterning.


As humans we follow very specific patterns that we tend to re-run over and over again. Think about driving to work. Do you go the same way every time? Or take different routes every day? If you found a more efficient way of getting to work, would you take it? When we deconstruct great minds, we are looking for the patterns they run to get their exceptional results. Over the years, highly effective people have refined, streamlined and optimized their approach until they develop something that works brilliantly for them, every time. We figure out what those patterns are, and then show you their strategies so you can get the same results. 


Meet our genius modeler. 


Tim Hallbom, world-renowned behavioral scientist, is our resident genius modeler.   He skillfully employes a methodology that comes from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Pioneers in this field developed the process of modeling of human behaviors and thinking processes. The NLP modeling procedure involves finding out about how the brain (neuro) is operating, analyzing language patterns (linguistic) and non-verbal communication. 






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