Discover the patterns of marketing genius.

Create the next hot campaign.

Step inside the minds of top marketers and discover how they generate innovative ideas that get big results.

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See how the top minds in marketing play the game.

Patterns of Marketing Genius is a special report that takes you deep inside the minds of top marketers who have a knack for hitting it out of the the park time and time again.  These marketers know how to come up with innovative ideas that get big results.

We studied five top Chief Marketing Officers who have had long, successful careers generating marketing hit after hit.  These weren't ordinary interviews.  Using our cutting-edge behavioral science approach, we unpacked how these CMOs think and what they do to be among the best in the world.  We'll show you, step by step, how these CMOs achieve results far beyond what most markers expect.  And we'll give you the secrets for doing the same.




This is no ordinary 'how to' marketing book.

This is an extraordinary strategic blueprint that contains insights into the top marketing minds in the business.  When you put these patterns of genius into practice in your own organization, you, too, will have customers coming back for more. 

Discover whole new approach to marketing.

Most marketers are happy to achieve a 5% response rate of 300,000 YouTube hits.  We're going to show you the real-life strategies these CMOs used to:

  • Achieve a 60%+ response rate on direct mail campaigns
  • Take a $10B industry to $40B in just a couple of years
  • Get CBS announcers to mention their company name over 50 times in one week
  • And so much more......

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