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Simply genius strategies for writing irresistible copy.

Write letters, ads, emails, reports, brochures and web copy that few can resist. When you follow the strategy of one of the world's best, you too will be able to create compelling copy.

Get people to act using only your words ... every time. 

Imagine writing a piece of copy that rivets your reader’s eyes to the page. Writing that is so clear and concise and effective that your reader can’t resist reading all of it. And writing that gets your reader to remember – and act on – what they’ve read. With this writing strategy, you’ll begin to write letters, ads, emails, reports and web copy that few can resist. 

You will be able to create compelling writing. You will be equipped to develop writing that outshines the competition and dazzles your readers! And with your new ability, you’ll be able to get more results and command higher pay for your work. 

This strategy will give you the edge you need to create successful and powerful writing. In just a short time, you’ll be able to understand your audience and persuade them to act, using only your words. It doesn’t take 20 years to learn this skill when you can find out what one of the world’s best copywriters does consciously and subconsciously every time he writes copy. When you adopt this copywriting strategy, you will find that you are easily able to write compelling copy that SELLS.

Top companies pay Cory $5000+ to write their copy. Get a private lesson with Cory and learn to get his same results for a tiny fraction of the cost.




"This will help you model the best practices of the people who are the best at what they do."

-Timothy Ferriss, Best-Selling Author of the 4-Hour Workweek

Copywriting strategies so simple, they’re genius. 

We deconstructed award-winning marketing copywriter Cory Fossum and invited him back to share his amazing strategy with you. With the included DVD and illustrated instruction guide, you will learn his simple, step-by-step process to write winning copy that sells your products and services like never before. 

Inside you will get a private lesson from one of the world’s best. In less than one hour Cory will show you how to: 

  • Create an instant connection with readers 
  • Craft electrifying promotions that work every time 
  • Grab readers’ attention and persuade them to take immediate action 
  • Get better results while you outshine the competition 
  • Become a stronger writer, faster than ever before. 

Get to Know the Genius. 

Cory Fossum writes marketing copy for many of the top names in consumer electronics and technology. As the Creative Director of Fossum Creative, a visual marketing agency, he specializes in making gadgets and gizmos sound sexy and irresistible. He has been called "Silicon Valley's Hottest Copywriter." Cory lives in San Jose with his son and a plethora of toys.

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"These strategies are simple, yet profound. I already made more sales just by tweaking my web copy!"
-Jason Boulder, Small Business Owner

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-Alison Carrie, Entreprenuer Educator

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