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Move easily to the head of the class using the simply genius strategies of top students. Learn more, have more fun and get top tier results easier than you ever imagined.

Why you need this product:

If you are like most students, you probably developed your study habits in elementary school based on the advice of your parents or teachers. Or maybe you just developed a study system on your own and continue to use those same strategies over and over again. 

But have you ever stopped to consider whether your current studying habits are actually working for you? 

The truth is that most students just don’t know how to study efficiently. No one ever really teaches you the right way to study. Or if they do, it’s based on what they think is effective, and not what actually works. Just because you are working hard does not necessarily mean you are being effective. 

What top students know is that it’s not how hard you study that counts, it’s how smart you study that matters most. 


Powerful strategies to move you to the head of the class. 

We’ve discovered that getting top grades is not about high IQs or spending every waking moment in the library. It’s about having the right strategies. And applying them wisely. 

Whether you are a top student who wants to create more free time, a struggling student who wants better grades, a stressed out student looking for an easier way or someone who simply wants to make school more fun, learning these simple strategies from top students will help you achieve more, in less time. 


Receive a private tutorial from three top students. 

By watching the included 45-minute video and absorbing the material inside the illustrated Strategy Blueprint, you will learn how you too can: 

  • Have more free time while getting top-tier results 
  • Study more effectively in less time 
  • Breeze through reading assignments 
  • Memorize facts and figures with ease 
  • Retain more information in your long-term memory 
  • Ace assignments, tests, essays and papers 
  • Enjoy school in ways you never imagined possible. 


If you are a....

Student - get this must-have product if you want to do well in school and enjoy it too.

Teacher - show your students real strategies to reduce stress and be more effective inside and outside the classroom.

Parent - help your student develop powerful habits and succeed in school.


"This program delivers on it's promise to show you how to get top tier results by using simple, yet powerful studying and learning strategies that are guaranteed to help you do well in school and enjoy it too.  I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to become an A+ student!"



Simple, yet powerful, strategies that make school easier. 

We will teach you step-by-step what these real life students do to score high while studying less so that you can bring their ways of thinking into your own life. In fact, you’ll find that with the right strategies, school can be more fun and easy than you ever imagined. 

We’ve taken everything we learned from these students and organized their strategies into three key areas, so that you too can: 

  • Decide how to approach school: Create the experience you want. 
  • Develop genius study habits: Organize your schoolwork and maximize efficiency. 
  • Ace assignments and tests: Score top grades with these genius strategies. 

Forget about complicated organizational systems or out of touch studying 'experts' offering advice. Here you will learn how these modern students actually achieve top tier results in rigorous environments and have plenty of time to play. 


Meet the students who score high and still have time for fun. 

In this product you will meet three top students. These aren't your stressed out, over-programmed students. They are students who have figured out how to be incredibly efficient in school and learn new things so they can enjoy others things in life too. 

Jenner Fox is an A+ high school student, now playing varsity soccer at Yale University. He scores top grades and has time for the things he loves, such as playing soccer, teaching guitar and playing in his band. 

Andrea Vallone is an A+ high school student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program at the top ranked Chinese International School in Hong Kong. She scores top grades and makes time for the things she loves, including rugby, dance, volunteering and her friends. 

Alex Freeman is an A+ high school student, now attending his first choice school, Georgetown University. He scores top grades and finds time to play soccer and tennis, intern at a famous product design company, volunteer on political campaigns, and hang out with his friends. 

Discover the simple strategies these students use to learn new things quickly and:

  • Streamline study habits to get more done in less time 
  • Remember information 600% better
  • Avoid cramming and relax during tests
  • Develop good relationships with teachers
  • Figure out what work is important, and what is safe to ignore
  • And much, much more....... 




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    "I wish I had known these strategies sooner! I am a good student but knowing these strategies has freed up my time and seriously reduced my stress level."
    Abby Ford, High School Junior

    "Hearing how other students get good grades and study was fascinating. It's stuff I've never heard before. I've changed many of my own habits and it's made a big difference in how I approach school and studying. This should be required reading for every student. Seriously."
    -Seth Richards, College Sophomore

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