Go from wine lover, to wine genius.

Learn How to
Taste Wine Like a Pro

Master wine tasting and enjoy wine more using the simply genius strategies of a world-class sommelier. Learning to taste wine is easier than you ever imagined.

Discover a powerful way to taste wine.

Imagine opening a bottle of wine and being able to identify its age and quality, where it came from, and how to best smell and taste its nuances. Imagine being able to easily evaluate the quality and complexity of any wine.


Wine tasting strategies so simple, they’re genius. 

We deconstructed genius wine taster Tim Gaiser and invited him back to share his strategy with you. With the included DVD and illustrated step-by-step instruction guide, you will learn his simple, process and take your passion for wine to a whole new level. 

In this product you will learn:

  • 4 things to Look for in the wine 
  • 4 things to Smell in the wine 
  • The 5 components to Taste in the wine 
  • Simply genius strategies to detect aromas and flavors 
  • A genius way to remember wines 
  • 3 key strategies to help you practice and get better much faster.


We will teach you how to think like a Genius wine master. We make it fun and easy to learn and you will find that, with our unique approach, you are able to retain everything you learned and immediately apply it to your own life. Like the geniuses we've modeled, we've streamlined how to teach so that you get 100% purely effective content, with no fluff. Just pure genius.




"This is the best wine education product on the market."

-Michael Jordan, Master Sommelier and Wine Radio Show Host




Get a private lesson from one of the world’s best.

In this video and strategy blueprint, Tim will show you how to:

  • Easily identify and describe flavors and aromas 
  • Evaluate the age, quality, and complexity of any wine 
  • Rapidly improve your own smelling and tasting ability 
  • Impress your friends and colleagues 
  • Savor each glass of wine like never before. 

Meet the Genius. 

Tim Gaiser is our genius model. Tim is one of fewer than 200 people in the world to pass the most elite sommelier wine exam and earn the title of Master Sommelier. He writes for many magazines and teaches wine tasting at the very highest levels. Tim lives in San Francisco with his family and travels the world for his work. He writes a great, very funny blog at www.timgaiser.com 

When you put this DVD in your player, pour yourself a glass of wine and follow along with Tim, you will be getting one of the best private lessons in the world. 

Guaranteed you'll love it.

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"Tim brings his expertise to wine tasters in an easy to comprehend way with empowering techniques that are pure genius."
-Laura Maniec, Master Sommelier

"This product eliminates the mystery and intimidation when tasting wine. Try it. You'll like it."
-Peter Marks, M.W. & VP of Education at Constellation Wines

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Think Like a Genius Wine Master

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